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My Dad's Legacy

Nestled into a rocky ridge near the edge of town, WKM Psychology Clinics has been a part of the behavioral healthcare bedrock of the Platteville community for decades. In 1981, Dr. Bill Miller (my dad), a psychology professor, musician, and Harley-enthusiast, decided to build a much-needed mental health practice from the ground up, recognizing the gap in available mental health services in the area at that time.

Bill, a Nebraska native, landed in southwestern Wisconsin after discovering his love for helping others and being invited to work as a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. He taught for 45 years in the Psychology Department, one of his favorite classes being the Psychology of Religion. He also started a counseling clinic called WKM Psychology Clinics in 1981 that still serves Southwestern Wisconsin and was the Director and President for over 40 years. Bill wrote:

"I always aspire to show compassion, understanding respect for my clients' feelings and needs. My goal for each of my clients is to develop a helping relationship with respect and understanding."

Dr. Miller worked tirelessly to build the first counseling clinic in the area. Over time, WKM Psychology Clinics built a reputation for experience and professionalism. Over forty years, Dr. Miller grew his practice into a thriving business with several satellite locations, along with beginning telehealth options in 2020. Now, WKM is growing under new leadership with a committed and expert team of mental health providers.

Cheryl Skeie, working with WKM for nearly 20 years says:

 “Bill was fair with all of his staff and truly cared about making a difference. He was able to talk to anyone. Even though he had advanced degrees, he never made you feel like you were less than. He was one of the kindest people I’ve ever known.”

Jan Lombardi, working as a clinician at WKM says that “Bill was an excellent mentor. He was always approachable and knowledgeable about any questions I had and was a tremendous resource. He is missed!"

Dr. Miller passed away on September 2nd 2023 and was still working as the Clinical Director of WKM and providing direct care for patients. Since his passing, his wife Rolita Miller has stepped into leading the team at WKM, working with clinicians, Jan Lombardi, MA, LPC and Gabriella Knutson, MSW, APSW, and an incredible administrative team including Cheryl Skeie, Heather Cuff, and Mallory Waters. Rolita wants to assure the community that WKM is still open for business and committed to continuing Dr. Miller’s legacy.

“WKM continues to be a leader in providing quality mental health care for communities in Southwestern Wisconsin,” says Rolita Miller. “It is important that the community has options when it comes to treating mental health.”

It might appear on the outside as an unassuming black-and-white building tucked away into the hills. Inside, what’s happened is decades of supporting the community and changing lives. Teaching children how to manage stress. Helping families cope with grief and transition.

Working with older adults in nursing care facilities. Restoring relationships and marriages. Supporting veterans as they reintegrate back into civilian life. Guiding individuals in coping with and healing anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress. Innumerable lives have been changed because of Dr. Miller and his committed team of expert providers.

WKM Psychology Clinics is grateful to continue to be a partner in helping make Platteville and the surrounding area a healthier, thriving community. The WKM family is also grateful for the ongoing support, especially since Dr. Miller’s passing.

“We are so honored to be a part of such an amazing community,” says Rolita Miller, “and cherish the legacy that Bill leaves behind.”


By Caroline (Miller) Beidler, MSW

Caroline Beidler, MSW is an author, recovery advocate, and creator of the story-telling platform Circle of Chairs. She is also Dr. Miller and Rolita’s daughter and grateful for her father’s legacy in the community. His commitment to helping others has inspired her own life’s work.



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