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Circle of Chairs is looking for submissions

of 750 -1,000 words that highlight perspectives on addiction recovery, trauma recovery, recovery support, mental health, pathways of recovery, and related topics.


We respectfully ask that you please refrain from using stigmatizing language


The majority of the submission can focus on (but is not limited to):

  • Specific ways your recovery is supported/how you support others in recovery


  • Leadership roles and advocacy opportunities you are involved in


  • Recovery support services you have accessed or created and how these services help others or yourself


  • Other topics related to how you maintain your recovery


You will be notified only if your submission has been selected for publication. If you have not heard back in 4-6 weeks, please assume that your submission was not a good fit at this time. We may contact you in the future. Please keep writing and sharing your story!


All submissions can be sent to

Please include "Submission" and title of work in the email subject line.

Also, include your name or if you prefer to remain anonymous.

After submitting, you agree to the following conditions:

Circle of Chairs maintains all legal copyrights to blog posts unless otherwise agreed upon by author and editor in advance.

If you give permission to use your name, you willingly agree to have your first and/or last name featured along with content.


This content may also be used on other platforms like Facebook, Substack and others, unless author discusses with editor in advance and makes this request in writing.

Circle of Chairs looks forward to reviewing your story!

Circle of Chairs

Pull up a chair. Share your story.

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We believe that stories are powerful. Through words, we can share ideas, give hope, and show another person that recovery is possible. Thank you for sharing your story today.

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