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A Note from Shelly Dutch on Freedom in Recovery

This month, as we explore what it means to find freedom in recovery and in life, Shelly Dutch shares a few words on what freedom in recovery means to her:

To live in the solution on a spiritual path and celebrate recovery through nature, gratitude and service: that is the freedom I experience in recovery. To live with integrity and be present for myself and others: that is joy and grace.

- Shelly Dutch

Shelly's own recovery has been such a blessing to so many (like me). She is proof that recovery not only works--it is an indescribable gift that only gets better with time. As we share this gift with one person at a time, freedom only continues to shine.

A big thanks to Shelly for sharing her words with Bright Story Shine.

Shelly Dutch is the founder of Connections Counseling, a Division of Rosecrance, that is a unique and strength based clinic focused on creating a safe and supportive environment for young people, families, and adults. Individualized treatment programs are rooted in a model of mentoring and giving back to others. Clients find they are not alone and find acceptance and support to address their personal struggles. They begin the process of healing by moving forward and beginning to trust and work towards finding their passions.

Shelly is also the Founding Director of The Recovery Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports individuals through their substance abuse recovery by providing them with Treatment Scholarships, to help aid in the cost.

Learn more about how to provide financial scholarships to individuals seeking addiction treatment or support The Recovery Foundation 2021 VOICES FOR RECOVERY LUNCHEON on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 1 in Madison, Wisconsin.

Celebrate Resilience, Recovery & Reconnection featuring keynote speaker, Caroline Beidler, MSW and Founder of Bright Story Shine.


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