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She Recovers Everyday: with Dr. Dawn Nickel, Co-founder of the SHE RECOVERS Foundation

Meet one of today’s leading women recovery advocates, Dawn Nickel, Co-Founder of the SHE RECOVERS Foundation.  She is a woman on a mission with extensive experience in researching and writing about women experiencing substance use disorders, mental health challenges, and intimate partner violence.  Dawn’s passion is redefining women’s recovery, ending the shame and stigma around it, and ensuring that all women are supported to find and follow individualized pathways and patchworks of recovery.  Now she has written a book essential for every woman’s recovery journey.

Check out Dawn’s incredible new book, She Recovers Every Day

It is a daily meditation book that acknowledges the specific needs of all women in any type of recovery. 

Dawn shares:

“This book is my love letter to recovery.  I wrote a year’s worth of meditations because I know that recovery is a practice, not an event. I believe that setting aside a few minutes every day to think about recovery can help us underscore our commitment to that practice.  My wish would be that some of my reflections, and those of the women who’ve shared their wisdom with me, spark or cement other women’s own thoughts about recovery and that they carry on this important conversation outside of this book.  Everybody’s voice and ideas matter and all are needed in the women’s recovery movement.” 


Dawn is also a huge fan and supporter of the annual global women's recovery event on International Women's Day and in 2022 decided to officially partner and present the historic event.

You don't want to miss this year's event that features new offerings like on-demand viewing and watch party hosting, along with live translation features and more!

Why join together on March 8th 2024 to Redefine Recovery with the Next Generation?

In a 2020 study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, 46% of young women aged 18-24 reported symptoms of anxiety or depression, which is a significant increase from previous years. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, young women aged 18-25 are more likely to misuse prescription drugs than any other age group. The National Institute on Drug Abuse found that young women are more likely than young men to use prescription opioids for non-medical reasons and are more likely to experience prescription opioid overdose. These statistics are even more startling for marginalized groups.


We need to listen to the next generation.


Young women in addiction recovery and other types of recovery are telling us that what they need most is identity-based resources, professionals who understand the imperative of finding and following their own individualized pathways and patchworks of recovery, and peer-supported opportunities for connection. 


We need to start supporting the next generation now.


Together, we can create systems of care informed by the next generation of recovering women. We begin this International Women’s Day. Join us.


SHE RECOVERS has a dedicated and active following of over 325,000. In 2022, we reached over 3 million people worldwide. In 2023, we saw over 1400 participants attend and access our International Women’s Day event. In 2024, we’re expecting to triple this number.


Access your Early free registration link here.

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