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A Note on Family from Brandee Izquierdo, Executive Director of SAFE Project

Recovery is a personal journey and that journey extends to family as well. Yes, I’m in recovery but I also have to remember that my family is too.

We sometimes forget that and as a result, we create these expectations for family members. We expect them to be on the same page, we expect them to not have their own struggles, and we expect them to meet us where we are in our recovery journey.

We have to remember that they are healing too and it may not happen quickly or easily.

We really need to embrace that as a recovery community; embrace their healing process, meet them where they are, and love them through their journey.

That’s the beauty of a recovery family, we grow together.

Learn more about SAFE Project and the incredible work their team is doing under Brandee's leadership to address stigma, provide recovery support services and build community.

Take the #NoShame pledge and help end the stigma. Because there’s #NoShame in getting help for mental health and ad

Brandee Izquierdo, MPA, CPRS is the Executive Director of SAFE Project and maintains additional professional roles including, Credentialing Services Chair of the International Certification and Reciprocity Consortium and President of the Maryland Addiction and Behavioral-health Professionals Certification Board. As a person in long-term recovery, her drive and determination are built on making an impact within behavioral health, promoting long-term recovery, and ensuring communities are educated and have the tools necessary to combat the addiction epidemic. Brandee has led advocacy efforts to expand access to behavioral health services and recovery support services while providing technical assistance both nationally and internationally, empowering others within the recovery movement. Her ability to build relationships and bridge gaps within behavioral health, community services, and criminal justice have been a catalyst for global peer expansion. Brandee is currently working on her Doctorate in Public Administration with a specialization in Administration Justice.


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