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Cathryn's Story: Endurance in Recovery

Recovery means challenge, hard work, determination, and hard core tenacity.

Recovery means no more excuses no further delay. This is for real this is not for play!

So, I grit my teeth and put my feet to the grind ready to battle to do whatever it takes.

Whatever I have to endure I know its well worth the cost. Because of all the good things that I know recovery can also be.

Recovery means restoration. Restoration of peace of mind, restoration of love for my family and myself.

Ultimately, to me, recovery means everything, recovery means life.

Want to learn more about Cathryn's Bright Story? Check our her website here.

Faith is an important part of Cathryn's story. Learn more on her website and check out a new resource on faith I've created called Bright Word Shine. Get your free mini-book here.


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