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Jessica's Story: Freedom in Recovery and in Life

To me, the words “finding freedom in recovery and life” mean more now than ever as we enter this month of July where we celebrate our Nation’s Freedom. For many, the chains of addiction continue to haunt them and freedom from drugs or alcohol feels like a battle that can not easily be won. As our nation celebrates its freedom, it’s important to remember that many of our citizens do not feel free from the disease of addiction that they struggle with.

Working in the field of addictions for the past 17 years and being in long term recovery since March 3, 2004, I know that long term recovery is possible. I also know, however, that I didn’t get here alone, I stand on the backs of those who came before me, much like we, as a Nation, stand on the backs of our men and women in uniform who fight for our freedoms daily.

Living a life of recovery has allowed me the opportunities to have the freedom to buy a home, raise my children in an amazing and safe town, find employment with an employer that respects me as an individual. These are a few freedoms I am very proud of and thankful that I have.

An additional freedom that we all, as citizens in America have, is to administer Naloxone and provide aid to an individual in the event of an overdose emergency.

Naloxone, brand name NARCAN®, is a specific, high-affinity opioid antagonist used to treat confirmed or suspected opioid overdose. Although initially used in emergency department settings, the administration of naloxone has expanded to use by first responders and the family and friends of overdose victims. Opioids continue to be the main cause of drug overdose deaths in Wisconsin and throughout the country.

Freedom in Solutions with Serve You Rx

That is why I am so incredibly thankful to be employed with Serve You Rx here in WI. Our mission is to work together to remove obstacles that prevent people from getting the help they need. Now more than ever, the success of communities in combating the overdose crisis will depend on socially responsible corporate partners who support recovery programs that have people with lived experience leading the way. Until people and companies stop viewing addiction as a character flaw and see it as a disease, stigma around addiction will continue to be one of the biggest obstacles to saving lives. Living in a free country, where we have the ability to help our fellow man in time of need, should open doors for all persons to get the support they so justly deserve.

Serve You Rx is honored to be a leader in WI by offering harm reduction measures within its’ Opiate Risk Management Program such as Narcan trainings, naloxone box placements, recovery friendly workplace trainings and more. We look forward to the future of helping more individuals obtain the support they need to achieve freedom from substances and that support can start with employers, family members and friends. If someone you know is seeking assistance from addiction, remember to show kindness, compassion and support because you have the freedom to choose how you will react.

About Serve You Rx Serve You Rx is a full-service pharmacy solutions provider based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that specializes in pharmacy benefit management, mail order services, and specialty medication management. For more than 30 years, Serve You Rx has been collaborating with benefit advisors, third party administrators, and employer groups to design and deliver strategies that reduce prescription drug costs and ensure appropriate utilization of and access to affordable and clinically appropriate medication therapies. As an active participant fighting the nation’s opioid epidemic, Serve You Rx operates its own Opioid Risk Management Program, which is provided at no cost to clients, and supports many organizations advocating for addiction recovery efforts, including serving as a corporate sponsor of the national Mobilize Recovery movement.

Jessica is the Outreach Program Manager for Serve You Rx. In this role, Jessica leads various projects that aim to bring awareness to substance use disorder and end the stigma surrounding it. Jessica is certified by the State of Wisconsin as a Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor. She received a Bachelor’s of Science in Human Services from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and an Associate’s Degree in AODA from Moraine Park Technical College. Her areas of focus are assessment and treatment of substance abuse in adolescents and adults. Jessica has over fifteen years of experience providing AODA treatment services to adolescents and adults in residential, transitional, inpatient and outpatient settings. She has spent over ten years working within and supervising medication assisted therapy programs, such as Suboxone and Vivitrol. She is the Executive Director for the National non-profit, Stop Heroin Now. She is also a Wisconsin representative of the national organizations, Mobilize Recovery and Recovery Advocacy Project, with The Voices Project. Jessica volunteers her time by holding positions as the Governor's representative on the State Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse as well as an Intervention & Treatment Committee member and an Equity & Inclusion member for SCAODA.

Interested in connection with or supporting Serve You Rx? Check out their website here.

What's your bright story of freedom in recovery? Contact me today or check out the submission guidelines for more information!


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