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Our Stories are Hidden Gems

There is power in story.

Hearing the stories of women in recovery is part of what inspires me to continue to live a sober lifestyle. It's part of why I started Bright Story Shine. I recognize my own need to hear stories of recovery and resilience from other women.

Your story is what first brought me into circles of vulnerability and healing. Your story is what keeps me here.

Our stories are hidden gems that reflect the beauty of this truth: transformation is possible.

Honestly Liller is a woman I've looked up to for a long time. From rising through the ranks of non-profit leadership at the McShin Foundation, to her own personal story of redemption. I recently had the opportunity to chat with Honesty and the rest of the team with the Get in the Herd podcast. We talked about women's recovery, the issues that are specific to us, the upcoming Women's Global Recovery Roundtable on March 8th and of course, the release of her upcoming book on February 22nd 2022: Scattered Pink.

From Honesty and women like her, I learn that sharing our stories is a powerful, yet humbling act. When we bring light to our experiences, something amazing can happen. Not only can we move through to a new place of healing, but we can share pieces of what we have learned along the way. The we can say together "me, too" and be moved to freedom. Together as women, we have a shared story.

Help me celebrate Honesty's story by picking up a copy of her book! More details below.

Honesty Liller’s heroin addiction became the love affair of her life. She never dreamed that it would mean committing crimes and hurting the people she loved the most in the process. Now as a married mom of two, she takes you through her personal journey by embracing her past and being transparent about her struggles from childhood trauma to using drugs by the age of 12, as well as body image challenges, wife life, and being a female CEO through her recovery and work to heal others in addiction. Her courageous walk through her life in recovery is just like her name, raw and real, to empower readers toward true hope and healing.

Get Your Copy of Scattered Pink Today!

Connect with Honesty at @diaryofawomaninrecovery


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