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Resilience is a Calling to Endure

Today as I focus on resilience, I realize how often I've had to adapt to the difficulties I've experienced in my life. No doubt, some of those difficulties have been of my own making. But I've managed to make it through, not just through my own resilience, but with the support of others, and the incredible Grace of God. As I've gotten older, I've thankfully gotten more self-aware. At this time in my life, my body is demanding that I stop and pay attention to it's needs. My well-being has suddenly become my priority. Good food and enough of it, and stopping to rest when I was exhausted, never seemed to get enough of my attention. My major objectives in the past were to work longer, harder, and faster than anyone else, and to attempt to make life easier for others. Often this was done at my own expense. Now, however, I will no longer be the one working long after everyone else has gone home. Thankfully, those days are gone. I have to rely on my resilience skills now. I believe I am strong, and can make it through anything. I always have. Every day I mentally go through my gratitude list before I plan out my day. A "pity party" has definite time limitations. It helps to focus outside myself, instead of being laser focused on myself and my world. My children and grandchildren continue to motivate me to gain back my strength, so I can achieve the reachable goal of visiting them. They give so much meaning to my life that has changed so dramatically. I am searching to find ways to adapt to my limitations. I may not be able to work tirelessly in the gardens, but I can sit on a garden stool and pull a few weeds. I can paint the natural beauty of nature, instead of working so hard to make it more beautiful. I may not be able to run with my grandchildren, but I can throw a ball and rejoice in their energy as they catch it. To be instead of do: what a difficult lesson for me to learn. As it is for those in recovery, it helps enormously to stay connected to people who support me. Realizing I'm not alone and identifying with others, is invaluable to lifting my spirit. I can never let my world get so small, that I forget that I'm not alone. As others give me strength, I can sometimes be that strength for them, as we both attempt to cope with the challenges in our lives.

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