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The Joy of Connecting

"My recovery family is everything to me! It's the piece in sobriety that fills my soul and makes me feel whole. They lift me up if I'm feeling low and celebrate with me when the magical things happen in my life! I wouldn’t be happy, sober & free without my sober sisters and my loving community." -Emily Killeen

When I was a couple months sober, I met my recovery family for the first time. I can’t tell you how incredible it was to finally know that I wasn’t alone in my experience. Ell, Shelly, Rachel, Allen, Suzanne, Jenna, Tanya, Alex, Ari, Mike, Devon, Scott, Joe--the list goes on. These vulnerable people showed me what recovery looked like and I realized that I wanted this life. I was ready to choose healing.

Emily was one of the first women that I met at the outpatient behavioral health clinic we both attended. We attended group together and shared some of the most intimate parts of our stories. We offered each other support as we attempted to navigate our new life without alcohol and other drugs. Like kids, we stumbled through so many sober firsts – first concerts, first holidays, first vacations.

We discovered that being in recovery didn’t mean that fun ended—it was actually the opposite. We discovered the joy and child-like wonder of seeing the world with clear eyes and minds. We pushed through our awkwardness and social anxiety and insecurities and let others see our real selves.

Emily pursued her dreams, which eventually led her out to the west coast. Since then, we’ve stayed in touch and reconnected over the last year since she has gotten involved in building an incredible community and business centered on helping people in or seeking recovery.

For me, being a part of a recovery family and meeting my recovery sisters like Emily has been a transformative experience. I never, never, never have to do life alone again. I have a team behind me, people who are in my corner. And I can be family for them, too.

Whether you are firmly nestled in a recovery family or if you are looking for your people, know that you aren't alone.

Your recovery family is waiting with open arms.

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