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The Surprising Movement of God with Faith Eury Cho

Can God move in unexpected ways? Does everyone have a purpose?

These are important questions for a challenging time. My recent conversation with Faith Eury Cho challenges me to think about how these questions impact my own life, and the lives of others. In particular, women of color.

It also leads me to ask another question: How can we all support women on their faith and recovery journey?

Faith is from Korea and has been a gospel preacher since she was 19 years old. Currently, she is a pastor, a pastor’s wife, a writer, and an itinerant speaker.

Faith is the CEO and founder of The Honor Summit, a nonprofit organization that centers on Asian American women in the mission of God. One of the goals of The Honor Summit is to encourage every church to be fully equipped to be able to disciple a diversity of women. Alongside her husband, Pastor David Cho, she is also the co-founder and co-pastor of Mosaic Covenant Church in NJ.

Her most precious role, however, is being a mom to her 4 children— Moriah, Elias, River and Adalynn. You can connect with Faith Eury Cho here: Follow news from The Honor Summit:

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