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What Does it Mean to Shine in Recovery?

There is an interesting book on the craft of writing called, “Writing Tools.” In it, Roy Peter Clark talks about how even in serious stories, we can use language creatively to share an important message. He says that just as a sculptor works with clay, a writer shapes a world with words.

When we receive the gift of a changed life, it’s tough to keep it to ourselves. We want to share our stories with others. We want to shape a world of meaning out of our experience. The very nature of recovery, in all of its mystery, is something we give away in order to keep. I’ve had mentors and other friends remind me of this over the years and share the light of their own lives with me. Not only for my own sake, but so that I can share it with others, too.

Embracing All The Moments

The word "shine" can mean different things, but I like the meaning: to be bright by reflecting or casting light. When we journey together on this road of recovery from addiction and other mental health challenges, we can reflect light to one another and share not just the joys but the sorrows and troubles of life, too. All of it—the good, bad, and not so Instagram-worthy—ALL OF IT—can be shared as experience to help another person journeying on their own path.

One of the ways that I’ve been giving back lately is by writing. As I’ve shared with you in April when we focused on creativity, writing has been a part of my life for a long time. Today, sharing my writing in community with others has been a new journey and one that I’m excited to be on. I can share parts of my story with you and reflect back to you some of the things I’ve learned, some of the things I’ve struggled with, and some of the things I continue to struggle with today. I can shine in the way that God has created me to for this season.

Let's Explore How to Shine in Recovery Together

This month, I look forward to exploring what it means to shine in recovery. We will be hearing your bright story submissions and searching out some of the things (like shame) that keep us from shining. I’ll also be sharing my FIRST FREE eBOOK: 10 Practical Ways to Make Your Recovery Shine on June 1st so be sure to sign up to my email list today to be one of the first to get access.

Thanks so much for being on this journey with me and I can’t wait to hear your bright, shining story of recovery.

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