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Lisa's Story: When Hope and Love Overwhelms

The reality is, in June 2006 I was literally committing suicide, finally surrendering to my addiction. Sitting in a seedy motel room all alone with only my vodka, sleeping pills, crack pipe, and heroin as family and friends were unaware of the level of hopelessness that engulfed my very soul. Living in filth and dirt, disgusted with myself as hatred and resentment filled my heart to the core, but it had to stop, I couldn't breathe anymore.

Blinded by the endless list of all I had become: a disloyal wife, non-existent mother, jealous friend, thief, prostitute, ex-con, liar, cheater, gossiper, envious, and self-centered was all the brutal reality I could see.

As I prepared myself for my demise, washing off the physical dirt and making up my face to try and hide all of the pain, to mask the scars, & run from all of the unfinished work that still needed to be done while at the same time giving no consideration to the internal filth that was clouding my thinking, the love everyone was trying to give me, and that clouded the faces of my 3 beautiful children & my God-fearing husband. The words on my lips were not “God help me” but in pure desperation - my words were "I can't do it anymore!" Waking up every morning hurts - not just me but everyone around me. The pills and the alcohol were having an effect and I knew my time would not be long - finally the pain would end. So, I hoped.

Waking up 3 days later in a mental institution I thought to myself another failed attempt to stop the pain - but then a sense of hope & love overwhelmed me and all I could see was God.

As He held me in His arms, I begin to realize He left His throne and went all the way to hell to rescue me.

For the first time in 20 years, I could feel a sense of freedom that was embodying me. His grace and mercy gave me another chance to get it right.

I am Lisa Yerby-Bryson, and today, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity that God’s grace and recovery has afforded me. I am now blessed to be the founder and executive director of Praising Through Recovery, Inc., an ordained minister, businesswoman, mentor, international missionary, and teacher; mentoring women in recovery and from all walks of life of what God can do with a simple “yes.”

PTR’s “Next Level Recovery” mentorship program for women consists of a diverse group of professional women who have hearts to serve and pour into others what may have taken them lifetimes to learn and experience. The Next Level Recovery program offers each woman a personal mentor and selective life-changing groups that fit their needs and their time.

We will all grow together as we explore what it means to mature physically, spiritually, emotionally, socially, financially, and relationally. Each Mentor brings to the table an informative, professional, hands on, innovative, and fun group that will help our women not only stay clean and sober but seek their true purpose in life catapulting them to successful long-term recovery and their "Next Level."

Visit Praise Through Recovery to learn more and get involved!

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I'd love to share my story with you, too. Click here to learn more.


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